Pisces Thai Fish Sauce 880g (Anchovy/Fresh Pompret/Fresh Squid)
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  • Anchovy
  • Fresh Pompret
  • Fresh Squid 

-Pisces Anchovy Thai Fish Sauce 
-Pisces Fresh Pompret Thai Fish Sauce 
-Pisces Fresh Squid Thai Fish Sauce
Weight:- 880gm

Add fish sauce to soups, curries, marinades and salads. Fish sauce is a versatile ingredient that can be both cooked or sprinkled over dishes like Seafood Salad before serving. It is a common table condiment in Thailand, especially combined with fresh lime juice and fresh hot chilli peppers. There is really no good substitute for authentic Thai fish sauce. To use in place of salt, use approximately three times as much fish sauce. Fish sauce is the single, most important flavouring ingredient in Thai cooking (also well-loved in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and the Philippines). Used like salt in western cooking and soy sauce in Chinese cooking, good-quality fish sauce imparts a distinct aroma and flavor all its own.
Refrigeration is not advised. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight for up to 2 years.

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