Issteru Hair Colour(Black/Palm/Amburn Red/Cherry Red/Rose Red/Brown Yellow/Golden Brown/Colourful Red/Coffee/Grape Red)
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  • Black
  • Palm Colour 
  • Amburn Red 
  • Cherry Red 
  • Rose Red 
  • Brown Yellow 
  • Golden Brown 
  • Colourful Red 
  • Coffee 
  • Grape Red 


Ingin mewarnakan rambut tetapi takut tidak halal???

Dapatkan << ISSTERU >>... HALAL... Herbal dan buatan daripada JEPUN...

1- Mix equal amount of cream 1&2 in the colour bowl & stir well

2-apply the mixture on hair from hair root to tip by layer

3-the proper time for the mixture left on hair will give rise to optimal effect,which depends on hair character,lenght,temperature and hair colour.

4-the recommended tinting is ab out 20-40minutes for normal hair 50 minutes for brown hair 60 minutes for golden hair The darkness of colour resides on the tinting time which may be darker for a short tinting time,while lighter but brighter for a long one

5-rise throughly with warm water,massage gently until water runs clear

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