Sunsilk Hair Shampoo 160ML (Smooth/Anti-Dandruff/CleanFresh/Black Shine/Damage Restore/Hair Fall Solution/Soft/Perfect)
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  • Smooth & Manageable (Pink)
  • Anti-Dandruff (Blue)
  • Clean & Fresh (Green)
  • Black Shine (Black)
  • Damage Restore (Orange)
  • Hair Fall Solution (Brown)
  • Perfect Straight (Purple)
  • Soft & Smooth (Yellow)

Smooth & Manageable: Suitable for Normal Hair
- It keeps your hair smooth and manageable that always goes with your flow.

Anti-Dandruff: Suitable for Hair with Dandruff
- Its exclusive formula nourishes your scalp in a gentle yet firm manner, removing dandruff and makes hair wonderful to the touch.

Clean & Fresh: Suitable for Normal/Oily Hair
- It keeps your hair clean & fresh all day long

Black Shine: Suitable for Dull Looking Hair
- Time to shine! Its exclusive formula nourishes your hair, leaving it beautifully healthy and mesmerizingly shiny.

Damage Restore: Suitable for Damaged Hair
- It helps to remove accumulated residues and restore damaged hair to prepare your hair for the next adventure.

Hair Fall Solution: Suitable for Hair Fall issues
- Its exclusive formula deeply nourishes and revitalizes for strong and healthy-looking hair, with reduced fall out by up to 10 times*.

Perfect Straight: Suitable for Frizzy and Straight Hair
- Its exclusive formula gently locks in the alignment of each strand of hair without sealing them together.

Soft & Smooth: Suitable for Dry Hair (looks dry but no split ends).
- Its exclusive formula with Moisture-Lock Technology and 5 Natural Oils locks in the moisturized feel of your hair smealessly, so it looks healthy, resilient and soft to touch! Say goodbye to the rough and dry!

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What's in the box

- Sunsilk Hair Shampoo 160ML x1